Ch Fantango in Poppy Fields

5th Golden Retriever National May 2004
Judge: Mrs Ainslie Mills (Canada)

Ch Giltedge Charlotte Best Australian Bred in Show

Giltedge Lady Madonna Opposite Intermediate in Show

Ch Giltedge Hemingway wins Sire and Progeny with
Giltedge the Gambler
Giltedge After the Storm
Giltedge Ticket to Ride

Giltedge Blackwatch 5th in Baby Puppy Dog
Avonbreeze McLeod A.I. Best Puppy in Show
Ch Giltedge The Gambler 3rd Intermediate Dog
Giltedge Ticket to Ride 2nd in Australian Bred Dog
Giltedge Strawberry Fields 4th in Intermediate Bitch
Ch Giltedge Tara 2nd in the Open Bitch Class

*** “Storms” progeny excel at the National ***

Goldtreve Camrose Krakka wins the Dog CC and Runner-up to Best in Show
His sister Goldtreve Camrose Tia wins the Open Bitch class & the Res CC


“This bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Her attitude, athletic body and condition belied her years. Beautiful topline, balanced angulation, lovely but not overdone bone and substance. She moved well presenting a sound, well put together package. Pleasing head and expression with black pigment. Moderate coat.”

“Ernie” and Progeny

Ch Giltedge Hemingway
Winner Sire & Progeny Class
Giltedge The Gambler
Giltedge After the Storm
Giltedge Ticket to Ride

Sire & Progeny Class


Best Asutralian Bred in Show National 2004

“Lovely profile movement, balanced angles, body depth and development gave her the class. Good forechest and forequarters, moderate bone with a pleasing head and expression. Lovely smooth blend of neck into shoulders.”
Charlotte has now won her class at 3 Nationals 2000, 2002 and 2004 quite an acheivement

Giltedge Lady Madonna “Angie”

1st Intermediate Bitch
“Lovely bitch with balanced angles, terrific topline and tail set and beautiful blend of neck into shoulders. Nice body development with good forechest. Pleasing head but would like to see a darker eye. Beautiful smooth movement.”

Giltedge Strawberry Fields “Amy”

4th Intermediate Bitch
“Nice head and expression, with lovely reach of neck and a solid topline and correct tail set. Less angulated in front. Athletic appearance and overall sound moving, but a slight tendency to toe in.”

Avonbreeze McLeod A.I. “Mac”

Best Puppy in Show Co-Owned with Cheryl Cooke “Goldew”
“Lovely balanced pup with solid topline, moderate bone, good rib length and body depth, sound moving. Lovely head and expression with beautiful chiseling under the eye and dark pigment.”


Giltedge Charlotte wins Bitch CC and Runner-up to Best In Show in Perth at the 2002 National

“Thought this bitch was quite outstanding. Mid gold, clean as a whistle, in absolutely top form. Carries just the right amount of weight. Has everything it needs to take on an excellent class and win it. Double coat in full bloom, tremendous stifles and second thigh, with good muscle tone. This bitch could trouble the best in any country I have judged in, a credit to her owners/breeders. She was my bitch CC winner but was unfortunately loosing her oomph by the challenge for Best in Show.”

Judge: Mrs Heather Morss UK “Xanthos”

Charlotte is pictured here with handler and Co-owner Kim Handley

“Charlotte” with co-owner Jenny McDonald

Karparla Who Says So & Giltedge Charlotte CC winners

“Charlotte” Runner-up to BEST IN SHOW


Judge: Mrs Heather Morss UK
Co-Owners Jenny McDonald “Avonbreeze” and Kim Handley “Giltedge”

CC winner & ResCC winner “Dobro Free as a Bird (AI)”

Winning the CC

Winning the Australian Bred Bitch Class

“Ch Giltedge Virginia”

“Virginia” 2nd in the Open Bitch Class


Class placings Open Bitch

“Ch Giltedge Florida Storm”

“Yellowfetch Pixie Dust”

“Margot” 2nd Junior Bitch Class

Critique: “Thought at first she was my class winner when I gave the class my first look, but to be very picky she was just a bit strong in the head for me, but what a fabulous bitch. Excellent construction, upper arm at the correct angle giving her plenty of forechest and lung room. Strong neck and straight front complete the picture. Well dropped into her stifles, well let down hocks, moved with style and purpose. Expertly handled.”

“Ch Giltedge Hemingway”

“Ernie” 2nd in the Open Dog Class

Critique: “A very masculine, impressive male. Liked his head and set on of neck. Strong back with good angles both fore and aft. Drives well from behind really covering the ground, continually takes the eye. Well handled.”

Placings in the Open Dog Class

“Giltedge After the Storm”

“Junior” winning the Puppy Dog Class

Critique: “Wonderful disposition, he was very eager to show himself off, and what a lot he has to be pleased with! Great coat, good bone and neat feet well up on his pasterns. Gorgeous head and expression, level topline and well developed quarters. Has the promise to mature into something very nice.”

“Giltedge Angel Dust”

Winning her class in Perth

Placings in the Puppy Dog Class

“Junior” Best Puppy In Show

Ch Giltedge Virginia

Winning BEST IN SHOW at the 2nd National Golden Retriever Show 1999
Judge: Mrs Pauline Bevis UK

Giltedge Charlotte

Winning BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW at the 3rd Golden Retriever National 2000
Judge: Mr R Strudwick UK
Pictured here with co-owners Kim Handley and Jenny Mc Donald

Ch Fantango Vintage Crop

Winning BEST DOG and Runner-up to BEST IN SHOW
at the 3rd Golden Retriever National in Melbourne 2000
Judge: Mr R Strudwick
Pictured here with co-owners Kim Handley and Janelle Dulke.
“Bert” was bred by Janelle, and is the litter brother to Ch Fantango In Poppy Fields, “Daphne”.